Tentang Selingkuh

Loh kok belom-belom dah ngomongin selingkuh? Hehe maklum abis nonton film The Women, yang main Meg Ryan. Bagus deh tentang istri bernama Mary yang diselingkuhi. Dia merasa dah give up everything for her marriage. Dia ga pursue career, dia di rumah, masak, kegiatan rumah tangga, devoted lah. Trus tiba-tiba suaminya selingkuh sama penjaga counter parfum.

This is my favorite quote of the movie waktu Mary habis lapor sama ibunya tentang perselingkuhan suaminya:

Mary: I can’t believe this is happening to me… I thought we were… happy!”
Mary’s Mom: What are you going to do?
Mary: What do you mean what I’m going to do? I want him to move out
Mary’s Mom: Well, that’s not very smart. Someone once said, if you don’t know what to do you do nothing
Mary: Mom, my husband of 13 years is having an affair. Do they talk about me in bed, do they laugh at me please don’t tell me to pretend that nothing’s happened, you have no idea how this feel
Mary’s Mom:

Well, let me try
it feels like someone kicked you in the stomach
feels like your heart stopped beating
feels like that dream, you know the one when you’re falling and you want so desperately wake up before you hit the ground, but it’s all out of your control
You can’t trust anything anymore, no one is who they say they are
Your life is changed forever and the only thing to come out of the ugly experience is
No one will ever break your heart like that again

Ternyata… bapaknya Mary juga pernah selingkuh sama sales kain (mereka bisnis garmen). Oh well… you decide the moral (or unmoral) of the story!

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  1. Bieb says on :

    cuma pengen ketawa pas baca postingan ini.
    Sambil berpikir…waktu itu aku kirim email tanggal brp ya..? hahahaha

  2. achii says on :

    heuheu..aku juga kemarin nonton film ini.. banyak ilmu yang didapet..

    udah nonton he’s just not that into you belum mbak? itu juga seru lho!

  3. salsabeela says on :

    iya aku juga udah nonton itu :D

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